Apple’s grip on Hollywood

iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macbooks – seeing an iDevice in a TV show or movie nowadays is certainly not out of place – in fact – in the young-teen market it is almost mandatory.

But unlike other products, Apple states they have never paid a cent for advertising in TV or movies. Where other brands pay the big bucks, Apple sits back, focusing on their product and brand, and Hollywood comes to them with open arms.

In 2011 iDevices were shown or discussed in close to 900 productions (30% more than 2010). 40% of films that topped the weekly box office, are included in this figure. Even the most common brands (Dell, Chevy, Ford) don’t have this production penetration – and they will pay for it.

And one of Apple’s most viral placements? Their luminous Apple logo on the back of their Macbooks. Perfectly placed (and flipped) to appear upright when on camera.

Apple - perfectly placed logo


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