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“Every year thosands of great movies are made – but only a fraction of them ever make it to the big screen. The problem is they never find a home.”

Prescreen is an exciting new website providing curated social discovery of new films. A video-on-demand platform, specifically designed to promote and showcase premium video content.

Everyday, Prescreen features a new indie film on their website & email list.  If you find that film interesting – you can click through to watch the trailer. If you then feel you want to watch the whole thing – you can stream it for just $4 (on that first day). The film is available on the website for 60 days – but for the remaining 59 days the film will cost $8 to watch – so Prescreen is rewarding early watchers with a 50% discount.  Great idea.

Once you have purchased the film you have 48 hours to finish watching it – so you don’t have to worry if you get interrupted part-way through.

Overall, I think Prescreen is a great idea. DVD sales are dropping, and people are growing wearier of TV advertising.  Film distribution needs to be brought into 2012, and anything that helps the discovery and distribution of indie films is a win in my books.

And even better? Filmmakers share in the profits their films make.


Discover one new Movie Each Day, Stream On Demand


Checkout Prescreen – at

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