Super. Easy. Callsheets.

Setkick adds Callsheets

Create your daily callsheets faster than ever before.  Big statement you say?  We’re pretty confident that our new addition of callsheet creation to Setkick is faster and easier than any other alternatives out there.

You hardly have to lift a finger.  We automatically detect the daily weather, the address of the closest hospital, and (if you have broken everything down for that day) we populate all the cast, crew, and elements that are required for that day.  All you have to do is enter call times, special instructions, walkie channels, and you’re done!

You can preview your call sheet as a PDF, and when it’s looking perfect – simply click ‘Publish’ and then ‘Save’.  Your callsheet is now available to download by all members of your project – or if you prefer – you can easily email the PDF to your cast and crew, just in time for tomorrows shoot.

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